John's Oven Cleaning Services in Details

Here you can see our most popular services and can learn about the technology and the methods we use.


The main benefits of our work

  • Green oven cleaners and methods.
  • The professionals cover the area and wear overshoes.
  • Our services are available during weekends and holidays.
  • Fixed prices and no hidden taxes.
  • The oven cleaning professionals are fully vetted and trained. The service we offer is fully insured as well.
  • You get 10 years of experience and service improved along the years and equipment specially picked to deliver the best possible results as fast as possible.
  • Our cleaning helps your food to be healthier.
  • Professional cleaning can decrease the energy consumption of the cooker.
  • Flexible different methods you can use to do your payment.
  • 95% of our clients’ reports reveal that they had a positive experience and would use our service again.
  • FREE Teflon oven liner for every oven and BBQ service.
  • Depending on the service that each client order, different types of discounts and special offers are available. Our operators can give you more detailed and precise information on that.
  • 24/7 call centre support.


Oven Cleaning

In order to understand how we clean fast and still deliver high quality services, we should look at the cleaning methodology that we take advantage of. So, here is our service in steps including the main benefits that come with it. You can also see our oven cleaning Slough page for more specific local information.

  • We work with highly motivated and vetted professionals who pay special attention to all details and are ready to go a step further when executing their job.
  • The professionals come with all the necessary cleaning equipment and clients don’t have to provide anything. We only may ask you for hot water as it cleans and loosens up grease better.
  • A free inspection is performed upon arrival at the property. It’s a must for us as it guarantees the good condition of the appliances before the work to begin.
  • In order to avoid spills and unwanted splatters, the cleaning team covers the whole area with plastic sheets. The professionals always wear overshoes to keep clients’ properties decent looking.
  • Next, all removable parts such as racks, grills, the oven door, knobs, filters and fans are dismantled and dipped into a dip tank to soak. That is the latest and most effective technology for oven valeting. It allows different sized parts to be washed without limitation of the place and time. The tank itself is a device the professionals carry with themselves.
  • Soaking solutions used by the professionals are green and non-harmful. This allows cleaning in properties with small kids or pets. Another benefit is the peace of mind to all homeowners and people who live there. After the cleaning procedure, the stove can be used right away.

    Tip: Most professionals recommend turning on the oven for about 10 minutes after the cleaning ends. That is just for reassuring that it’s dry and ready to use.

  • Manually scrubbing off the harmful burnt-on carbon deposits is the next thing the specialists will do.
  • Once cleaned, the removable parts are well rinsed with water.
  • All parts are put back together and the stove is reassembled.
  • All parts are finally checked and polished.
  • The professionals make a final inspection of the appliances, make sure everything works and is put together properly and the job is finished.

Additional information:

  • Each client will receive a FREE Teflon oven liner with their oven cleaning service!
  • You can protect yourself from high-temperature burns with Oven shelf guard. You can purchase one along with your oven cleaning service at the price of £9.

Please do not use the oven liner or the oven shelf guard for temperatures above 250°C. Remember to clean them frequently using warm, soapy water or by simply putting it in the dishwasher.
In case of misuse, we can’t be held resposnsible.


BBQ Cleaning

What are the three most talked about things in Britain? These must be our cars, our gardens and the weather. We love spending some quality time outside in the garden gathered around the BBQ. That is why at John’s Oven Cleaning we pay a lot of attention to our bbq cleaning service. Here are the specifics:

  • Green, pregnancy and pet safe solutions are used.
  • Manually scrubbing all carbon residue off the bbq.
  • We use special equipment not available over the counter.
  • Increases the quality of the food and makes it more delicious and healthier.
  • Decreases the electricity bills.
  • FREE Teflon oven liner

BBQ cleansing procedure in Slough is performed similarly to the professional oven cleaning. The professionals dismantle most of the parts, clean them separately using the dip tank washing method, reassemble the bbq again and polish at the end.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

This service is for those who struggle with mould and dirty tiles.

The tile and grout cleaning service is performed by hand as that delivers better results by applying the needed amount of attention to the right place.

If the mould and the grout between the tiles cannot be cleaned, we can offer re-sealing. Our specialists can do that on demand as they can change light bulbs on your oven if you ask for that specific service.

According to the type of tiles you have, the specialists pick the most appropriate washing solution in order to deliver the best possible result.


Fridge Cleaning

Why is the fridge cleaning important?

Old food residues can cause unpleasant smells and bacteria-friendly environment. Of course, no one wants that in his/her fridge. Improved food quality is another benefit that the clients get.

How the service goes?

  • You make a call and order the service for a specific day and hour.
  • A few hours before the cleaning, you will have to turn your fridge off.
  • We get the removable parts and soak them in a green washing solution.
  • After removing all residues, spills, spots and smells from the fridge and the freezer, we reassemble the appliance and provide the owners with handy tips on maintenance.


Hob Cleaning

  • We offer electric and gas hob cleansing.
  • We can deal with spills on ceramic hobs as well.
  • No matter the size or the model, we can clean all parts of your cooker.


Extraction Cleaning

Extractors tend to get quite greasy and dirty. That results in their inability to work properly and therefore your whole house fills with the smell of food, which is not as nice as it sounds like. So, what can we offer?

  • We take the removable parts of the extractor and soak them in solution.
  • We scrub them and clean them carefully.
  • We rinse as well as possible and reassemble the extractor.

*Upon request, we can change the bulb of your extractor or the whole filter.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The kitchen deep cleaning service is hourly-based. Our professionals need about 3 hours to clean a small kitchen.
Normally, we send a team of two cleaners to take care of bigger-sized kitchens. The procedure includes:

  • oven cleaning*;
  • tile and grout cleaning;
  • cleaning sinks, cabinets, counters, etc;
  • cleaning white goods such as fridge, washing machine, microwave, etc;
  • floor mopping;
  • window cleaning if reachable.

*The service does not include oven cleaning using the dip tank method.

Range Cooker Cleaning

We perform this procedure in the exact same way as our oven cleaning service. We check if the appliance works properly and cover the area with plastic covers. We also dismantle the parts, soak them, clean them, rinse them well. Finally, we reassemble all parts and make a final check.

Cleaning your range oven increases its life and therefore saves a lot of money as these tend to be quite expensive in the first place. That makes their maintenance an investment.


So, these are our most popular and booked cleaning services. However, if you want deep kitchen cleaning or another type of domestic cleaning, do not hesitate to call us. You can make a quote 24/7.

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