• Maisie Thompson

    My mum have always cleaned the entire house by herself. Unfortunately, she hurt her hand and for the time being she needed help with the chores. I live far from her, so the best thing I could do was to find professional help. What the cleaners did was outstanding! They cleaned the entire kitchen as my mum asked them to and left the old range glowing like new. Thank you for the great job!

  • Daniel Sharpe

    Cooking is my hobby and healthy food is my life. I booked fridge and stove cleaning few days ago and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I will never hesitate to book another service. Cheers!

  • Erin Young

    Honestly, I have no time for cleaning. I always depend on cleaning companies. By now I have changed so many that I got desperate. This time I found the right one! From your new regular customer.

  • Joshua Tucker

    I travel a lot and I constantly run to catch up with my schedule. I booked the oven service online while I was on my trip to Japan. I chose the time of the cleaning and was pleasantly surprised, that the cleaners arrived right on time. They finished their work with excellent result. Punctuality and great performance are what I value most. I will book them again.

  • Abby Lions

    My oven is spotless! I love it! Now I can make some of my favourite cookies for Christmas and be sure of the best result! Thank you guys, will book you again!

  • Lilly Whittaker

    Keeping my two toddlers healthy is the most important thing to me. I am careful of all household chemicals and bare use one. I booked the service, because I was caught by the promise of child safe detergents. I was surprised by the entire work process of the cleaners and especially of their attention while rinsing the hobs, the trays and the racks. I can say that their method is safe for my kids. I will call again.

  • Darlene Harris Smith

    I rarely write reviews. Especially positive one. I am happy with the cleaners’ work. My cooker is cleaner than ever before. If it was not for the scratches I have for year I would have thought someone replaced it with another one. After the holidays I intend to book deep cleaning of all my appliances and cookware.

  • Victoria Reed

    Truly, wonderful work! I have Aga Range and five grandchildren who visit me every weekend. I am happy that I can make their favourite food in a spotless cooker. I already showed my friends the result from the cleaning. Do not be surprised, if half a dozen golden age girls become your new regular clients.

  • Simon Crawley

    The team did a great job! The oven was in pretty bad condition and i think they did their best to improve it. I’m definitely calling this company again.

  • Ema Stone

    As a working mother, I’ve had many companies cleaning my house, so I consider mysef of an expert on the matter. I approved the cleaners the moment they walked through the door. Not every cleaner uses plastic overshoes. The result was excellent, so I booked them for regular service.