• Hollie Newman

    Great work from the cleaners in Maidenhead. They performed a really professional service. The whole kitchen, including the oven, the bbq, the fridge look great. Would recommend.

  • Peter Thomson

    I hired Johns Oven Cleaning after the Christmas holidays as the whole kitchen was dirty. The cleaners did a great job cleaning the cooker and the fridge.

  • Eva Foster

    I am a student and I work. I don’t cook often, so my appliance do not get so filthy as other people’s do. Calling the cleaning company was a good decision. I saved time for studying and got all the dirty job done for a price I can afford. Thank you, John, for the best cleaners and the low prices!

  • Alexander Sutton

    I booked the BBQ cleaning service after a party. My wife approved the result and called the company again to clean up our gas convention range stove. The cleaners finished a few hours ago and the result is great. We consider trying other services.

  • Mollie Butcher

    Spotless kitchen, polite cleaners, and fair price. I will call again.

  • Ava West

    Thanks for cleaning and replacing the light bulb of my oven. I was impressed by the inspection performed in the beginning of the service. The result of the cleaning is outstanding and the cleaners even cleared away the trash after themselves. I strongly recommended John’s oven cleaning company to my neighbours.

  • Jade Collins Parker

    I love to try new recipes with my sister! If our mum saw the kitchen after our last cooking session, she would surely faint. My sister and I cleaned as much as we could, but the oven was in a terrible state. We searched for a cleaning company and found John’s Oven Cleaning. My sister had great doubts, if they were going to make any difference or we should just browse the net to buy new oven. We were amused when in a couple of hours the kitchen was cleaned. We are so happy with the service! We will send “Thank you” cookies to the company for the holidays.

  • Danielle Gilbert

    For me the ratio quality-price is extremely important when purchasing a service or a product. I can say that I am extremely pleased with the result the cleaners gave. The standard of performance convinced me to book them for cleaning service after the Christmas and New Year’s cooking marathon.

  • Connor Webster

    Thank you for the best job on my oven and refrigerator. I do my best to live healthy life and work out every day. That’s why it’s important to prepare fresh food in clean appliance. You did a great job! I will call you again next time I need oven cleaning.

  • Luca Shah

    The cleaners did a great job cleaning my cooker. On their arrival the electric cooktop was a mess and the oven was all burnt. When they left everything was well cleaned. I called right away and booked BBQ cleaning for next Friday.