6 Proven Techniques for a More Effective Spring Cleaning

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The spring cleaning can turn in a truly pleasant task (yeah, trust us, even though you don’t want to), if you apply several seasoned tricks, that will considerably increase the process of refreshing your home. The biggest benefit of spring cleaning? Difficult tasks, such as oven cleaning, can happen now when you got the motivation and energy to do them. What’s more? Look at those practical ideas and share with us your own clever tricks, which you use to maintain your home clean and neat for longer.

Prepare an Elaborate Action Plan

The first step towards the successful home spring cleaning is to plan the main activities in the different rooms. For the purpose, we recommend to start with the rooms that often gather the most dirt – namely the kitchen and the bathroom. Prepare to spend more time on them, especially the stove, the sinks and the bathroom tiles, and make it easier for you by sorting out all the necessary detergents and cleaning tools from the previous day. This way you will be able to quickly and easy do the basic home cleaning, without having to waste time in several extra walks to the shop.

Begin with Decluttering

The experienced home-makers advise to begin cleaning your home with decluttering and collecting all the waste from every room. This way the piles of books on your desk won’t be a trouble while you’re trying to sweep the dust from it. After you put in order all the items at their places, wipe the dust in the room, by starting from the top (chandeliers, tall kitchen cupboards and so on), and only after that move towards cleaning the floor.

Do Biggest Cleaning Jobs First


When you are ready with the most difficult tasks, you will feel it much easier to continue later. We got the kitchen and the bathroom as two of the most used rooms at home, so, let’s begin there. The kitchen’s sink and oven – the cooking area, tends to get very dirty during the winter time. Let’s admit it – it’s cosier to cook at home during the colder months, but it seriously does make your oven look like it’s at least ten years old. Use the rush of spring cleaning period to wipe your cooker clean as a whistle. Dismantle its door – it will be easier to reach every dirty nook and cranny. Use a trusted oven cleaner/degreaser for the heaps of burnt-on oil you’ll find. Finally, rinse everything with cold running water and assemble.

Motivation with Music and Deadlines

For some the spring cleaning is a long-awaited pleasure, whereas for others – it’s a true challenge of the will and effort. Make this process a touch more pleasant by playing some music on the background. It will help for your good mood and, at least partially, will neutralise the unpleasant vacuum cleaner noise. Another successful idea will be to define a time frame for the separate tasks – turn your timer on to ring after half an hour, for example – the time you need to refresh your bathroom.

The Most Successful Tricks to Clean the Living Room

Don’t overlook the massive furniture in the living room and freshen their looks by first cleaning them with your vacuum cleaner and then remove the remaining smudges with a towel and soapy water. Finally, wipe their surface once again with dry cotton cloth. In order to polish the wooden section, use cotton, soaked with several drops of oil.

Take Care of the Drawers’ Functionality

The good impression that your freshly cleaned home will make in front of your guests can be darkened by the screeching or faulty drawers. In order to get rid of the unpleasant noise, use some cotton and oil to smear the hinges around your home. If there are some stuck drawers in your older furniture, it’s easy to fix them by applying a thin layer of soap on their sliders.

Create a Better Organisation at Home

The results from the spring cleaning will remain visible for longer, if there is a truly a good organisation at your home. In order to do that, place the most used utensils and tools close to the kitchen sink, remove all the winter clothes from the wardrobe that you won’t need any time soon and tidy all your living room decorations again. Although it’s effective, spring cleaning doesn’t always ensure the necessary harmony in a contemporary home. Consider it as the time of the year you do most of the work at once, but never stop maintaining your habitat on a regular basis.

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