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Ascot SL5 Oven Cleaning Procedure

We offer professional oven cleaning in Ascot SL5. We guarantee high quality, speed and affordable prices. We can help you with the tedious oven valeting.

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Yes, it is so simple and this is how it’s done:
When you leave the dirty oven cleaning job to us, you can do all those little things you have no time for now.

  • While you enjoy life, the professional cleaners Ascot will inspect your stove to establish if there are any mechanical damages that may cause harm. The team will inform you on any problem and present a solution.
  • Once the inspection ends, the professionals will start with the sanitising process. Oven cleaning deluxe method removes charred grime and fat without harming the surfaces. How is it done?
  • A plastic cover is spread over the floors and kitchen counters around the stove.
  • The cleaners dismantle the door and place it in a dip tank to soak with water and detergent solution. All removable parts are placed with the door in the dip tank.
  • While this happens, the professionals attend to the oven. All inside walls are thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • Once cleaned, rinsed and dried, the removable parts are put back to their places.
  • The door is reassembled and reattached.
  •  The final step of the cleansing process is polishing all surfaces.
  • We make a final check and you can use your oven and cooker right away.

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Professional stove valeting service in Ascot SL5 is necessity to every kitchen

On this matter, the experts recommend performing a deep cleaning at least twice a year. The fat and grease build up increases the consumption of electricity and causes bad performance of the oven and the hobs. Removing all bacteria and germs, that thrive in a dirty cooking appliance, keeps your family healthy. For some more information you can also check our main page for oven cleaning in Slough.

We know how important this is for you and that is why our operators are prepared to offer you more services:

  • Fridge or freezer cleaning is essential to the preservation of food. Using fresh ingredients is the key to healthy life.
  • Extractor and extractor filters cleaning. They should be attended every few months. Filters capture the greasy particles from the vapour during cooking. As a result, the fat resides in the filter and causes the extractor to work poorly. Besides the terrible smell, there is a real danger – with time the residue fat becomes easily inflammable.
  • We offer maintenance service of microwaves, cookware, washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Our complex service, One off deep cleaning, will leave your kitchen spotless. The hourly based service is performed by specially trained professionals. The team will use your detergents and follow your priorities while giving high standard performance of the service.

Fully vetted oven cleaners will take care of the mess

There is nothing like cooking under the clear blue sky surrounded by friends and family. Ascot’s fresh spring breeze spreads the aroma of a freshly cooked meal. All this bliss is darkened by the thought of the scrubbing you have to do after the party is done. Check our BBQ and grill valeting quota and keep enjoying the day!

I am a client. Is there something I should do before the cleaning service?

  • We ask our clients simply to arrange a Ascot parking space near the property for the team’s vehicle.
  • After the service ends, the client is asked to inspect the work. Please, note that feedback and follow up comments are essential for us to give even higher quality service.
  • We ask the client to inform us, in a case of unexpected event that will be an obstacle to providing the service.
  • Rain is a factor when a BBQ is involved. We ask our clients to contact us in case of Ascot weather forecast.

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