Get Your Professional Oven Cleaning in Slough

clean oven in Slough

A clean oven in Slough

How to clean your stove when the busy everyday life gives so little time for housework? Let the Slough oven cleaners do it for you. The vetted professionals work 7 days a week and Bank Holidays on your demand.

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Stove Valeting Brings Benefits for Everyone

We put great care into creating a benefiting oven cleaning plan for the residents of Slough. This is how we can make your life easier and healthier:


After the oven cleaning in Slough

  • Less energy consumption
  • Ecologically friendly washing methods
  • Higher quality of the food
  • Increased life of kitchen appliances
  • Time saving
  • FREE Teflon oven liner for every client

How the Cleaning Service Goes?

All starts with you contacting our operators on 020 3404 4096 or via online booking form. There are various quotas for maintaining of ovens, stove maintenance or range cookers valeting. Choose the cleaning service that fits your needs and sets a convenient time for you. Then simply open the door and meet the cleaners.

The professionals
The Berkshire cleaning team arrives prepared for the service you booked. They carry the entire equipment and solutions they need.

before and after

Before and after the cleaning

An inspection of the appliance that will be sanitised is performed. This will establish problems or damages and inform you about them. The check-up ensures the safety and well-being of the clients.

Stove cleaning service

  • The professionals cover the area around the appliance to protect it from damage
  • The door is dismantled, along with all removable parts (hob, trays, rakes, etc.) are soaked in purification solution
  • The oven is cleaned and dried using green cleansing solutions
  • All removable parts and the door are diligently washed, rinsed with clean water and dried
  • The cooker is reassembled and polished

Our services are available everywhere in SL – Slough and Marlow SL7, Maidenhead SL6, Windsor SL4, Ascot SL5, Gerrards Cross SL9 and Bourne End SL8

Test and feedback
The cleaners will turn on the cooker and test the hobs once the clean-up is done. We ask you to be present at the test and inspect the work. Your feedback is important to us.

Questions and issues

Do you offer other services?
Yes, deep kitchen cleaning service, full range of appliances sanitisation, tile and grout cleaning and more.

Parking options
Slough available parking spot is required for the team’s vehicle. It will be best if you can provide one. When that’s not possible the call operator will offer other options.

What if the weather is bad?
The weather is a factor only when a BBQ cleaning service is performed outside. Here you can also check the weather forecast for Slough SL1, SL2, SL3.

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